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  • As low as $5 Per Head(Same price for 1 or 100 players)
  • Process game results immediately so you have up to the minute transactions
  • 24/7 Phone and Internet services with Perfect English speaking clerks
  • We take all your player's bets online or via phone
  • 24/7 Online access to accounting reports on your players
  • Separate Toll-Free numbers for both you and your clients
  • Same betting software used by the major online sportsbooks
  • We take the bets & do all the accounting reports for you
  • Live in game betting on major sporting events 24x7x365
  • Ability to change lines and limits per player
  • Ability to regulate your own lines and odds
  • Take and record your player's calls
  • Most complete wagering menu available!
  • Pay Only for active players
  • 2 week Free Trial Offer
  • Sports, Horse Racing and Casino
  • Live Chat Support
  • Post Lines
Pay Per Head Costa Rica offers industry-Leading Software is the same package used by all of the worlds largest sports books. We learned that cutting corners is not the way to do business right, so we shouldered the expenses so you don't have to. For just $5 pp/wk, you can use the same software platform other huge providers charge $25 or $30 pp/wk for! The Pay Per Head Costa Rica center is not responsible for the risk of the winning bets, the local bookie is. So the local guy still handles all the players' money and simply pays a fee to the sports handicapping call center per player. Pay Per Head Costa Rica offers a service and sets up his players then notifies each player with a 1–800 number and web address and the players are playing. Pay Per Head Costa Rica offers the best Sports betting options with their price per head and per per head service. Pay Per Head Costa Rica offers Props per game, half times, quarter lines and futures. The pay per head services offers many different types of wagers, Straight wagers, Parlays, Teasers, Round Robins.
Pay Per Head Costa Rica has been in business for over 10 years and continues to provide the absolute best pay per head or price per head service to bookies everywhere.

Pay Per Head Costa Rica has features people really care about, and which ones nobody else seems to have. This includes a rewards program that gives you trips to Costa Rica or free weeks of service for being loyal clients. Also we can customize player profiles and agent reports. We customize to your needs for each of your players. Alot of places do not want to cater to specific needs but rather for entire pkgs, We are different, It doesn't matter matter to us if you have one or 1000 customers and you need to set up each one differently, that's what we are here for. Customizable horses sports and casino profiles.

Pay Per Head Costa Rica gives you and your players get access to our American English-Speaking Call Center during all peak hours. We pride ourselves on the amount of clerks we have so no one gets shut out. Even and mostly on Sundays at crunch time..where as you know most people wait until the last minute to put their plays in...Our price per head service knows what a hassle call centers can be to deal with. SO when you call the agent support number you talk directly with a person that can make decisions and react quickly to address any needs you may have. Pay Per Head Costa Rica has gone to great lengths to hire representatives for your business who grew up speaking American English.

There are only a handful of Pay Per Head companies that offer ONLY pay per head service. Be careful not to get involved with a post up shop offering pay per head deals.

A relationship with Pay Per Head Costa Rica is just that a relationship. You want a relationship with your provider and their representatives. We are not a fly by night company. We have been around a long time. We always are changing to improve and maintain our high level of customer service, clerks, lines and prop dept. for you and your players.If you are looking for price per head or a pay per head service, Pay Per Head Costa Rica has everything you are looking for and more......Who would not want free trips to Costa Rica or free weeks of price per head services?

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